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IMG 6852

Mr Sandy Crawford



Gerry Bidwell

Gerry Bidwell
Principal Release/ Senior room Teacher
Year 6, 7, 8.

Julie Gilmour

Julie Gilmour
Middle Room Teacher
Year 3, 4, 5

Reading Recovery teacher

Haylee Moody

Haylee Moody
Junior Room Teacher 
Year 1 and 2

Sports Coordinator


Horiana Goldsmith
Teacher Aide 

Viv Pearse

Viv Pearse
Office Administrator

Our Board runs our school always with the best interests of the children paramount.

  • Board Chairperson: Lucie Gilbertson
  • Principal: Sandy Crawford
  • Staff Representative: Horiana Goldsmith
  • Secretary: Ange Scott
  • Parent Representatives:
    • Mark Ferguson
    • Catherine Ewen
    • Nicola Wall
    • Rhonda Bartlett
    • Felicity MacLean

Board of Trustees meet on the third Tuesday of the month and you are very welcome to attend.

Our parent / teacher association (P.A.F.S.) is a great group of parents who do all sorts of work  for the school and children ranging from fundraising, to gardening, to providing sun tan lotion  for each classroom!!!

They hold regular meetings (which are mentioned in the school  newsletter) and would welcome your attendance to these.

Chairperson: Anthony and Rhonda Littlejohn
Treasurer: Lizzie Bell

Secretary: Tania Fincham

There are many ways in which you, as a parent, can help in our school.  We welcome assistance in any of the following areas and suggest you let the class teacher or school office know of your willingness to assist.

  • Classroom assistance
  • Kapa Haka Group
  • Library Assistance by way of book mending
  • Coaching or co-ordinating winter or summer sports
  • Offering assistance with garden weeding or planting.
  • Parents & Friends of the School (PAFS)

If you can help out at any time please contact the school office.